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    Cost-Efficient Cleaning and Maintenance

    Let our team of professional housekeepers be your partner in your next cleaning project. Call Final Touch Housekeepers Inc. in Los Angeles, CA today. We actively seek feedback to increase the quality of the services we provide our clients. Below are some representative comments we have received from our satisfied clients. We will be happy to provide additional references upon request.

    All Prices based on $30.00 per hour

    Basic cleaning Price List

    -1 bed 1 bath = $90
    -1 bed 1 1/2 bath = $105
    -2 bed 1 bath = $120
    -2 bed 2 bath = $135
    -3 bed 2 bath = $150
    -3 bed 3 bath = $180
    -4 bed 4 bath = $210
    -5 bed 5 bath = $240

    Deep Cleaning additional charges below (price may decrease depending size of property)

    ​-1 bedroom = +$30
    -2 bedroom = +$60
    -3 bedroom = +$90
    -4 bedroom = +$120
    -5 bedroom = +$150

    Move Out (basic no Add-ons)

    -1 bedroom = +$100
    -2 bedroom = +$120
    -3 bedroom = +$150
    -4 bedroom = +$180
    -5 bedroom = +$210

    Add-on services are the "variables" that cannot be priced into a "one size fits all" category. So, these are the tasks that are always extra.

    -Outside Windows = $4.50 per window
    -Blinds = $9 per blind
    -Sliding Glass doors ea. $5.50
    -Balcony = $15
    -Extra room = $30
    -Inside oven (included in move out) = $30
    -Inside Fridge (included in move out) = $30
    -Inside cabinets (included in move out) = $50

    ​Then we charge an additional $20 if you have pets. This is just because it takes a little bit of extra time to get all that pet hair. And, we want to make sure the customer is 100% satisfied!

    General Areas* (Living room, Dinning Room, and Family Room)

    • Clean or Vacuum Floor Surfaces

    • Remove Cobwebs, Clean Fixtures and Baseboards

    • Dust All Furnishings and Decorative Items

    • Clean Windows and Sills


    • Clean All Counter tops

    • Clean & Sanitize Sink, Faucets and fixture

    • Clean Stove and Refrigerator

    • Clean Inside of Micro Wave

    • Clean Windows

    • Clean Floor and Baseboards


    • Clean & Sanitize Counter, Sinks, Tubs, and Shower

    • Clean & Sanitize Toilet

    • Shine Mirrors and Chrome

    • Sweep and Mop Floors

    • Wipe Fixtures


    • Dust Furniture, Decorative Items, and Fixtures

    • Change Bedding

    • Clean Baseboards and Clean {Vacuum} Floors

    • Clean Windows, Sills, and  Shine Mirrors

    GENERAL* Extras (Premium Clean)

    • Wall Washing

    • Clean Outside Windows

    • Polish Silverware

    • Clean Freezer

    • Remove all items from Cabinets, Clean Shelves, Change Shelf Paper and Return items

    • Move In /Move Out, Empty Property, Staging and Organizing

    • Detailed Cleaning, Washing, and Polishing Kitchen Cabinets

    Final Touch Housekeepers provide supplies for premium cleaning jobs
    (additional fees apply):   $30 Each Additional Hour

    Supreme Clean Plus Services Requiring Extra Time Such As

    Final Touch Housekeepers provide supplies for supreme cleaning jobs only (one time move in/move out, foreclosures and empty property, staging and some commercial cleaning).


    If you require cleaning services not listed above, please call us. We look forward to serving your needs.

    20% Discount Referral Marketing

    For every new client you refer to us, you will be entitled to a 20% referral discount on your next cleaning service applied once the referred customer pays for the service. This is applicable only to each first new job. Repeat business does not qualify for the referral discount.  We guarantee our work, so don't hesitate to refer a client to us.